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Utah’s Black Hawk War and the Migration of the Timpanogos People

Below is a presentation given at Snow College on May 27, 2022 about the Black Hawk War and the Migration of the Timpanogos Band of Snake/Shoshone natives that once populated along the Wasatch Front. Many believe that the natives were part of the Ute Tribe, but...

Trickle-down Economics is a Farce

By Paul and Emily Olsen Since the 1980s, Republican politicians have been selling the narrative that tax cuts for the rich will stimulate the economy. They claim large corporate owners will apply funds saved from the reduced taxes towards raising the salaries of their...

Putin’s Autocracy

By Emily Olsen Russian soldiers that have been invading Ukrainian towns this spring appear to be fired up about the critical need to capture NAZIs. They have been indoctrinated to believe, falsely, that their neighbors to the south are a threat to Russia because...

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