By Emily Olsen

Russian soldiers that have been invading Ukrainian towns this spring appear to be fired up about the critical need to capture NAZIs. They have been indoctrinated to believe, falsely, that their neighbors to the south are a threat to Russia because fascist NAZIs are taking over the country.

Upon bombarding towns such as Bucha, where Russian soldiers are accused of killing hundreds execution-style, the invaders have demanded to know where the NAZIs were, but residents who insisted that there were none suffered an immediate fate, according to survivors.

The Washington Post reported that some of the soldiers have referred interchangeably to NAZIs and the right-wing Azov Battalion group in Ukraine. Despite the existence of such an extremist group there, Ukraine successfully held a democratic election in 2019 where Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a former actor/comedian, became the president. Like David against Goliath, Zelenskyy has done an incredible job defending his country against the sustained Russian assault against all odds.

Recently Boyd Matheson, host of “Inside Sources” on KSL Radio, identified Vladimir Putin as an authoritarian or autocrat, and he mirrored the message of leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that have announced their solidarity with Ukraine. Putin has been the leader of Russia for 20 years, and his unprovoked attack on Ukraine, that has been at the center of the world stage for weeks now, indicates his absolute power over his subjects.

One recent study of 14 authoritarian state leaders, including Putin and the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, found that they were less caring or trusting of others. They were less emotionally stable compared with less autocratic leaders. They also scored higher on antisocial, “dark personality traits,” such as Machiavellianism (manipulative and deceptive), narcissism (grandiosity, superiority and entitlement), and psychopathy (low empathy, aggression and impulsivity), according to

Some believe that Putin, a former KGB agent, has leftover ideals from the Cold War to regain the territory of the former Soviet Union. It’s hard to believe that the former President Donald Trump continues to praise Putin in conservative media outlets despite undeniable evidence of the needless and devastating destruction occurring in Ukraine.

The message you receive from the media varies greatly depending on where you get your news. The media is powerful, and leaders like Vladimir Putin desire to manipulate the message that is piped out to people.

We Stand with Ukraine

Darlene McDonald, U.S. Congressional candidate in the Utah 4th District, stands with Ukraine, and she supports President Biden in his efforts to equip the Ukrainian army with needed artillery. It is a dance to help Ukraine without provoking Putin, armed with nuclear capabilities, to direct his Eye of Sauron towards the United States or its NATO allies.

Putin has demonstrated his ability to decimate communities with his devastating acts in Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere, but we must help to curb this bloodshed. In a time of war, the United States must stand united as a matter of national security. The devastation in Ukraine is impacting our economy, our markets and our supply chain. As we protect Ukraine, we will be protecting our allies and our homeland.